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Business Coaching

A Business coach

A Business Coach operates to help you get the best out of yourself.  They work on your mindset to help overcome your limiting factors and they help you get clarity about the way forward.  They’ll ask questions to help you understand the right direction, hold you accountable for your actions and thus enable you to realise your potential.  

A Strategist

A Strategist on the other hand provides a strategic input by way of suggestions around the full gambit of business operations.  This could include rebranding, marketing ideas, networking, admin processes, how to better utilise technology, productive alliances and good old customer service.

I combine both aspects.  That means we work together to get the best out of you and your business.


Key focus areas Might Include

    • Increasing your Revenue
    • Expanding Your Operations
    • Business Growth
  • Streamlining your Current Operation
  • Improving Your Quality of Life
  • Plus Many More

Bright Strategies

Mark operates his Business Coaching under the brand of Bright Strategies.  His focus is on Mindset, Strategies and Processes.

He provides one-on-one personalised coaching, support and direction to help your business succeed and to bring the best out of you.

In addition to this he has authored a book, called Become A Game Changer, to help you on this journey.  Plus he has developed some simple courses to help you understand networking, marketing and business.  


Remona & george Mejak, The Insider Expert.com

“Mark has added real value to our business and his coaching is exactly what we needed.  Working with him has truly been transformational.  When we first came to Mark, we were full of passion working on an idea that had no commercial value.  From day one his genuine interest for others achieving their dreams and potential was evident.  He engaged with us to discuss the business in-depth, identify the challenges we were facing and guided us with different points of view that have enabled us to move key strategic initiatives forward.  His ability to listen carefully and ask the tough questions has helped us see things from a different perspective.  By simply explaining the unique business complexities we faced, he revolutionised our way of thinking and more importantly our actions.  We now have a business that has multiple income streams.  Wow, what a difference he has made.  He has proven to be right 100% of the time with his observations, opinions and suggestions.  Mark’s a great mentor with a unique blend of real-life experience, peerless perspectives, innovative ideas along with a true passion for mentoring making him a perfect fit for any business leader who wants to perform at their highest level.”

Paul Timms, CEO National Coaching Institute  

There are over 5,000 businesses in the Redlands area alone, so Mark can’t help everyone on a personal basis. So make sure you get the chance to work with the experienced man they call The Business Whisperer.

Sandy Louwrens, Gourmet Consultants

I consider myself very fortunate to have had Mark Brigden as my business coach and strategist to help me set up a brand new gourmet food business. I could not have achieved the success I did without Mark as my business mentor and coach. I would highly recommend Mark to any size business because of his experience and expertise. PS I studied Mark’s Book as well which really encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. 

Geoff, Financial Advisor and Principal

Mark helped grow a business of which I was a Director many times over—if you are looking for someone to help you grow your business, Mark’s your man!

Bill Freeman, Auctioneer

Mark is the go-to-guy for anything strategic. He’s helped me target some very successful campaigns, and is also a whiz at written communications. If you want to work smarter, not harder, engage him.

Bruce Hutchison, LJ Hooker

Mark kept us accountable to our goals and gave us ideas to improve our presence in the market place, whilst doing that without spending thousands through marketing that doesn’t yield results.  Mark is a savvy businessman and we are lucky to have crossed paths with him.  If you think that your business needs another set of eyes to make dramatic improvements, you are probably right.  Don’t look further than Mark for his 20/20 vision to take you to the next level.  He has shown us the way and we would whole heartedly say that you should look to him to work with you to get to the right destination. Speak to Mark and you will be soon singing his praises too.

Monica, Eat Grow Heal

Mark will help you get your business firing, but also add in a “Moonshot” for outstanding success.  Even though he knows nothing about nutrition, the same concepts apply to any business.

Balance Garden Design

Working with Mark on my business has certainly been a Game Changer.  He shifted my focus from the here and now day to day running of my business and showed me a much bigger picture. I never would have imagined what was possible for me if I hadn’t taken the time to engage Mark as a business coach and read his outstanding book.


Lianne Yu – Hawaii Business Magazine

Business coach and author Mark Brigden says the best way for local companies like Iolani Sportswear to stand out among global competitors is to connect their brand identity to Hawaii.  “There’s German efficiency and Swedish creativity.  Hawaii, on the other hand, brings an emotive feeling of relaxation, enjoyment, well-being and being on Island time.”

Brigden singles out Na Hoku, the state’s oldest and largest jewelry manufacturer with stores around the U.S., as a company that successfully evokes the spirit of Hawaii through its imagery, in-store experience, website and products.  Na Hoku’s president and CEO, Ed Sultan, agrees that a brand strategy based on the deep emotional connection people have to the Islands can be effective.